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Should you blog?

Why not?

I wanted to start writing a blog for a long time. I had it on a number of TODO lists I have created. It was a long standing goal of mine. Yet I couldn’t make the final leap and start to actually write something, anything.

What if I suck at writing? What if people don’t like what I write? Will I have enough  stuff to blog about? When I’ll have the actual free time to blog regularly? How hard will be to maintain a website?

So many questions…

I didn’t need to be convinced how a blog can be good for me – I have always knew writing and teaching are essential for learning. And I love to read and write.

So how did I start? I follow a lot of people or their blogs on twitter and feedly. From one of those I found about and I liked it, so I started following. Author is making this free email course about starting a blog.  It was exactly what I needed.

Every lesson in the course was very focused, well explained and has a small homework assignment. Small things add up however and in 3 weeks you will have a blog and some posts. It also provided great advice at exactly the right moment.

Will it be hard to set up a site? It was surprisingly easy.

Will I suck at writing? Writing is very hard. I know I am not very good. There is no other way to fix this other than practice.

Will I have the actual free time to blog regularly? Problem was not just the time. I was never satisfied with what I wrote. It was never perfect. But it will never be, so better hit that publish button.

So that’s how I started. Should you do it as well?

Why not?