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Should you blog?

Why not?

I wanted to start writing a blog for a long time. I had it on a number of TODO lists I have created. It was a long standing goal of mine. Yet I couldn’t make the final leap and start to actually write something, anything.

What if I suck at writing? What if people don’t like what I write? Will I have enough  stuff to blog about? When I’ll have the actual free time to blog regularly? How hard will be to maintain a website?

So many questions…

I didn’t need to be convinced how a blog can be good for me – I have always knew writing and teaching are essential for learning. And I love to read and write.

So how did I start? I follow a lot of people or their blogs on twitter and feedly. From one of those I found about and I liked it, so I started following. Author is making this free email course about starting a blog.  It was exactly what I needed.

Every lesson in the course was very focused, well explained and has a small homework assignment. Small things add up however and in 3 weeks you will have a blog and some posts. It also provided great advice at exactly the right moment.

Will it be hard to set up a site? It was surprisingly easy.

Will I suck at writing? Writing is very hard. I know I am not very good. There is no other way to fix this other than practice.

Will I have the actual free time to blog regularly? Problem was not just the time. I was never satisfied with what I wrote. It was never perfect. But it will never be, so better hit that publish button.

So that’s how I started. Should you do it as well?

Why not?


8 thoughts on “Should you blog?”

  1. Fellow simple programmer graduate here! I completely felt the same as you as well. So many reasons not to start a blog, but once you just start doing it, you realise its not such a daunting task

    1. I’ve been on and off blogging for years. Writing is hard but as you say with single-click installs getting started is easy.

      I’m lucky enough to not be too hung up on whether each post is perfect or not. If you ask me you’re better off just writing your next blog post or adding some value to your passive income stream, business or skillset.

      Great to see another graduate keeping it up!

      1. Keeping it up is hard, as our little family size increased from three to four recently 🙂

        The time when I usually write (early mornings) is now devoted to other important things like getting enough sleep. I decided to slow it down to one post per two weeks for a while. Better than stopping completely and also gives me time to gather new blog posts ideas.

      2. Kevin O'Shaughnessy

        Congratulations on your blog. I have been blogging for about 18 months now and am very glad that I started. I never expected that it would lead me to find so many interesting developers. There is so much to share and learn. The worst thing that can happen is someone says they don’t like your post. But if that happens it does not matter. There may be other people who love it, and even if not, the only thing lost is some time spent to gain experience.

        So my advice is to blog regularly and find out what is most popular. Sometimes the posts I’ve written that I wrote quickly were the ones with the most interest. You never know exactly what the reception will be until you publish, but if you never publish then you’ll never know!

        Keep up the good work!

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